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Auditing the periodical accounts, and preparation of the report of the independent auditor regarding the auditing results


Auditing the accounts according to which financial statements are to be prepared by an independent auditor (Licensed Certified public Accountant).
This is an organized and methodical process for the collection and accurate assessment of the activity results of firms and the economically significant events, and submission of the independent (licensed certified accountant) who shall reflect his opinion about the extent of fairness of these statements and the reflected results that requires honest and independent professional characterized by independence, honesty, professional ethics, practical and scientific experience.


Zakat & Tax
We are providing all types of Zakat & tax consultations as well as helping payers by providing them with the advice regarding the correctness of Zakat and tax base, payable dues, delivery to Zakat & Tax Authority, follow up and receiving certificates. We also write objection notes during each phase after studying and analyzing the respective data and documents and follow up the results. We provide this service with high professionalism based on wide practical experience and scientific qualification.
Financial & Administrative Systems
The objective of this type of service is to study, design and develop financial and accounting systems, internal control systems, provide consultation services about the effectiveness of these systems showing the points of weakness and restructuring funding affairs, organize and render advice for acquisition and merger processes.
Financial Charges, Claims and Disputes
We prepare the financial reports required by the various judicial authorities, and semi judicial committees. We prepare these reports while maintaining complete independence, fairness, honesty, and the professional standards of preparing such reports.
Incorporation & Transformation of Companies
We conduct the necessary studies and provide advice for the transformation of companies to different legal entity, merger, or acquisition of firms. The office is enjoying group of professional colleagues, lawyers and consultants in different fields, we seek their scientific and practical experience when and as needed
Special Operations
We prepare special reports required by our customers with full compliance with the professional standards of such reports.

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