Mohammed M. Sawan

Certified Public Accountants




About Mohammed Sawan office




Mr. Mohammed M. Sawan Started this office at Riyadh 01 January 2007

Auditing the periodical accounts & preparation of the reports

Auditing the accounts according to which financial statements are to be
prepared by an independent auditor (Licensed Certified public Accountant).

Zakat & Tax

We are providing all types of Zakat & tax consultations as well as helping
payers by providing them with the advice regarding the correctness of Zakat
and tax base

Financial & Administrative Systems

The objective of this type of service is to study, design and develop financial and accounting system

Financial Charges, Claims and Disputes:

We prepare the financial reports required by the various judicial authorities, and semi judicial committees

Incorporation & Transformation of Companies

We conduct the necessary studies and provide advice for the transformation of companies to different legal entity, merger, or acquisition of firms

Special Operations

We prepare special reports required by our customers with full compliance with the professional standards of such reports

Our Specialized & Comprehensive Services

We currently offer our clients comprehensive accounting and legal auditing services to help them complete their business without disruption. This is the percentage of our current business in various fields

Current Number of Customers

  • Auditing the periodical accounts, and preparation of the report
  • Zakat & Tax
  • Financial & Administrative Systems
  • Financial Charges, Claims and Disputes
  • Incorporation & Transformation of Companies
  • Special Operations

Superior service environment

Our office offers the full range of services and the highest level of attention, and the specificity, and keen to achieve the demands of customers with the time required, and with high accuracy. The office also boasts a team of specialized accountants and legal reviewers, who have long experience and reputation in the Kingdom

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